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Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom

Discover the Forgotten and the Forlorn

Discover the tragedy of King Brennin,
the one who failed and broke the land,
and cast it into chaos.

In a land beset by the Endless Summer,
what will you do?
Bring an end to Brennin’s tragedy?
Seek an end to the curse?

Or perhaps… something else entirely?


Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (or Embers for short) is a systemless and settingless region inspired by the famous Soulsborne video games. This allows you to take the narratively-rich Kingdom of Ember, and drop it into your home tabletop game no matter what system or setting you prefer to play in.

For those looking for character options and stats for their favorite tabletop systems, we’re also creating PDF companions so you can have more tools in your toolbox, whether you’re a player or a GM.

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