Owlbear? Pa! Check Out This Powlbear

Add a new level of variety to your game with the wonderous creatures of the Atlas Animalia. From the wild and devastating Tornado Pegasus, to the cute and playful Pandawl, there is much to discover in this ENnie nominated tome.

Know an adventurer who’s seen it all? Prepare them for a new surprise…

Packed with diverse and unique variations of the beasts you know and love, Atlas Animalia is perfect for use in any TTRPG. Add a sense of uniqueness and diversity to your game, and finally answer the question, “can I keep it as a pet?”

Speaking of pets… With the Baby Bestiary's Beast Companion Guide you can learn how to raise, domesticate and train these creatures. Your new companions are ready to serve the greater good, or to just be your bestest buddy!

Atlas Animalia (15)

Atlas Animalia


Atlas Animalia: Player Options (D&D 5e)


Atlas Creature Deck


Atlas Coloring Book


Unicorn Diversity - Printed


Unicorn Diversity - POD


Faerie Dragon Diversity


Atlas Animalia: Creature Posters (12x18in)


Treant Diversity


Pegasi Diversity


Owlbear Diversity


Hydra Diversity


Griffin Diversity


Chimera Poster


Blink Dog Diversity