At Metal Weave Games we aim to create products that are both, evocative and inspirational. We want to give new light and perspective to the worlds we have come to know and love while inspiring the next generation of game designers and gamers.

Join us, as we explore the endless possibilities!


Kickstarter Launch: "Awakened"

Awaken is a powerful 5th-level spell that bestows permanent intelligence and awareness to a target creature. With its newfound intellect, the creature is free to explore the world and even make a name for itself.

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New Website!

Finally, after 4 years, I have decided that I am unable to build and maintain a website of my own design.

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Newsletter #2: Kickstarter Launch and Updates Galore!

I’m really bad at this monthly newsletter thing, and I apologize for that. Takes practice to get used to all these new tools.

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Newsletter #1: Our First Newsletter

Hey Backers, You’re receiving this newsletter because you have backed one of our many Kickstarter projects, to which we are truly grateful.

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