At Metal Weave Games we aim to create products that are both, evocative and inspirational. We want to give new light and perspective to the worlds we have come to know and love while inspiring the next generation of game designers and gamers.

Join us, as we explore the endless possibilities!

Newsletter #1: Our First Newsletter

Hey Backers, You’re receiving this newsletter because you have backed one of our many Kickstarter projects, to which we are truly grateful. So, in an effort to reduce the number of repeat kickstarter updates we decided to create a newsletter to condense our general announcements, dev updates and other items. That said, we will still be doing kickstarter updates for our active projects (such as Embers).

I meant to start the newsletter last Christmas. However, due to being on vacation with limited internet and my hesitancy to pull the trigger on an expensive mailing program I waited out on that opportunity. Fortunately, waiting was the better option, as I had discovered other mailing alternatives (so I hope this works out well). This is what I had written at Christmas (and so I wanted to pass this message on to you anyways). “It has been both a busy year and a great one. And so, with the Team leaving for their various vacations and holiday cheer, we wanted to close out the holidays looking at what we have both accomplished and what we look to do in the New Year.

May the next year bring you, your family, and your adventuring party cheer and, may there be an owlbear cub in your future.

Happy Holiday to everyone and a Happy New Year.

Our Newsletter Strategy(sounds fancy):

We plan on sending only one newsletter per month (at most two, if something is really going on) and we hope that this method of outreach will prove to be more engaging for everyone. We’re are always listening and are always open to your suggestions and feedback.

What’s Going On

Unleash the Gods

The artists responsible for most of the art in the 5e DMG and also known for illustrating the Baby Bestiary are working on their own book! Presenting, Gods and Goddesses by Jetpack 7. A new book aimed at bringing the lesser-known but still awesome, Gods of the real world to your tabletop. Adding content to spice up the religious aspects of your campaign, providing new paladin oaths and cleric domains, in addition to other roleplaying tips on making your faith-based characters more immersed in your world.

Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom

Core writing is underway with the art and layout/design mostly compelete. In our most recent update, we discussed the role of narrative gaps, a famous part of Dark Souls, and how we should approach it. As so far we are currently leaning towards providing all the narrative information, so that the GM knows the depth of what they’re presenting, while providing opportunities and the knowledge on how to make narrative gaps and how to present them.

Non-Players Cards App

In the Non-Player Cards kickstarter we promised to make an app. After waiting on some development companies we received a quote to build it for $14k. That cost was a little high for us, so instead we decided to learn Unity and do it ourselves. And so we jumped in on an amazing Udemy Course and began coding the beginnings of our NPC app. We’ve released our first BETA version to backers and have since continued to do tweaks and optimizations, our current challenge is variable screen-scaling. Once we have the scaling version ready to release we’ll let you know!

Scavengers Supplements

For those who are waiting for those great looting options, Karl has the manuscript for our second Scavengers supplement, Richer Runs. We are now entering a brief editing stage and then will proceed directly to layout. Estimated Release 313.

Baby Bestiary Adventures

While we’re still working out the kinks for plushes and miniatures, we have begun concepting out our Baby Bestiary Adventures book. Not much details to share as of yet, but we’ll definitely share them :) Estimated Launch Late April.


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