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Newsletter #2: Kickstarter Launch and Updates Galore!

I’m really bad at this monthly newsletter thing, and I apologize for that. Takes practice to get used to all these new tools. Anyways, it has been quite the busy months since our last newsletter (BTW if you missed a newsletter, we have them posted on our website)

So, lots of crazy stuff going on. Great thing about being a publisher, never a dull moment. Taxes being done, officially incorporating into an S-Corp (Metal Weave Games Inc.), business developments to managing projects. So here we are at last!

What’s Going On

Atlas Animalia Live on Kickstarter!

Explore biodiversity like never before!

Illustrated by Sarah Dahlinger, Atlas Animalia explores the evolutionary potential of your favorite Monster Manual beasts from the panda owlbear, the rust mantis, to the artic phasecat!

The book is currently slated to showcase 20 beasts looking at 3 diverse variants (4 if you count our take on the base species) making a beautiful 85-page hardcover book!

Each entry focuses on expanding general lore of each creature including a deeper look at the biology of the creature. In addition, each variant will feature a few myths and legends that can be used as adventuring hooks or inspiration.

NPC App is Live

After many design and coding nights, we are happy to announce the final version of the NPC app!

We redesigned the layout so that it’s friendlier and easier to use, in addition to handling some scaling issues. We have also included a beta Item generator, something that we will be iterating on as we design our next Non-Player Cards product.

As we continue to build and refine our technical capabilities in unity, we will continue to improve the NPC app. Currently we envision a more interactive interface and we will keep working to that goal.

Thank you for your support and I hope the app is useful in your games!

iOS migration still a work in progress

Embers Progress

Since our last update, a whole lot has happened with Embers. Long story short, we ended up scrapping our initial book structure and took the time to sit down and plan out a more integrated character narrative. All said and done, the writers are hard at work and should have some tasty lore bits to share in the coming month! :D

Introducing Roleplay Cafe

Roleplay Cafe is a social media platform intended to be just for the RPG community.

Similar in design to Facebook, we tailored this platform to specifically accommodate the RPG universe from products to companies, brands to crowdfunding, and even blogs and groups!

It’s small and still growing, but we’re constantly improving the platform to make a better space for everyone!

Baby Bestiary Adventures

Pitches have been received for the Baby Bestiary themed adventure modules. After this point it comes down to refining those options and getting preliminary writing complete. Then we can start shaping a product together.

Baby Bestiary Plushes

We are working with Skeleton Crew Studio and waiting for the first prototype to come out! We’ll be happy to share the results when they arrive!

Our Webstore is now Live!

After a whole lot of work, mockups, proofs,technical integrations and website revisions. We are proud to announce that the Metal Weave Games store is up and running! To boot almost ALL the Baby Bestiary art is available to purchase as high quality photo prints! (They do come in rolls, so you will have to flatten them upon arrival.)

Thank you for all your support, and stay tuned for our next newsletter


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