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Newsletter #4: 2018 Baby Bestiary Calendar Coming!

July Tidings!

Hey All!

August has been a crazy month for us, and we apologize that we were didn’t get an update to you guys. Fortunately, things have settled down and we’re back and at it!

What’s Going On

2018 Calendar Launching Soon

It’s about that time to get the next Baby Bestairy calendar rolling.

And this year it will be illustrated by none other than Travis Hanson, artist of the beloved Life of the Party: Realities of an RPG’er book.

We will be launching the project on October 3rd from our Baby Bestiary Kickstarter account.

Follow the Baby Bestiary on Kickstarter

Atlas Animalia Update

Writing has begun and I expect to start seeing drafts come in at the end of the month!

Art has been rolling pretty consistently and should be 100% completed by December, to which we hope we can get PDFs sent out by then.

Embers Update

Editing has begun, and the layout is ready for the final text. Since Embers is inspired by Dark Souls, editing is taking a little longer than expected as we want to ensure that the language and characters fully reflect the tone and style we want the book to emulate.

We are aiming at releasing the PDF next month.

Other Updates

Non-Player Cards (NPC)

It’s been three years since we had launched NPC and we have grown quite a bit since them, once Embers is done and fulfilled, we will look at returning to NPC for both a reprint and an expansion.

Baby Bestiary Plush

We got the first prototype of the plush owlbear! There is still a long way to go before it’s ready to show off, but we’re much happier with the development of this one versus our prior attempts. Hopefully we can share a picture in November

Baby Bestiary Miniatures/Figures

We were approached a few months ago regarding a partnership to make miniatures and figurines based on the Baby Bestiary. Needless to say we may have something to show soon :)

Baby Bestiary Stories

Travis has been quite busy with Life of the Party and the 2018 Calendar. I think we’ll be able to start coloring these story pages early next year.


Thank you for all your support and stay tuned for our next newsletter,



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