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Newsletter #5: March Madness & Baby Bestiary Reprint

March Madness

Hey All!

Wowzer, its been awhile since I’ve sent you guys a newsletter. That said, we’ve been pretty busy and it’s about time to share with you guys what’s been going on since last August. Atlas and Embers have pre-occupied our time, with Atlas being the biggest book we’ve produced to date!

Also, after finishing development of Atlas (and Embers), we have a few ideas on what we want to do next, but are having a tough time just picking one, we’d love to hear your voice and get your opinions! (the button below links to a google-form survey)

What big project should we do next?

What’s Going On

We’ve just about run out of our Baby Bestiary stock and with the print run of Atlas and Embers, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bulk up on our Baby Bestiary stock. So if you’re looking to pick up the books, or complete your collection, this is the perfect opportunity.

If you already have both books (thank you btw!), we’re offering a digital goodies tier, which includes tokens, wallpapers, the coloring book and best of all, our 5e Beast Companion and rearing rules (which you all will also be able to playtest with us).

We are also offering a 25mm 3d-printed Steel-polished bronze (Shapeways terminology) Owlbear mini. We’ve had this design around for a little bit and are excited to unveil it to you all!

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We also had the brilliant idea of getting our pixel artist, Angus Doolan, to make an nyan owlbear running through the woods. And with it, we made a cute video :) Hope you enjoy it.

Atlas Animalia

Atlas has been taking up the majority of our development time since our last update and has been the biggest project we’ve produced to date, coming in at a whopping 176 pages (for comparison, Volos Guide comes in at 224 pages).

All that remains to be done with Atlas is book fulfillment and the stat-books, which have so far made excellent progress. We’re even making racial stats (D&D 5e so far) for the treefolk and myconids. Note: the statbooks are not part of the core pdf, but will be a separate product (though we’ll do bundles)

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Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom

Embers PDF has been sent out to backers, and the cover file is currently being experimented on (to see if we can get a gold foil stamp to work with the intricate design we have).

This project has taken us on quite a few twists and turns, but at the end of the day I am really happy with they way Embers has turned out, despite the time it took to get it into the right place.

Although Embers is not live to the public, we created a discount link (same as what the backers paid) so if you want to get the early PDF and see what it’s all about you can do so.

When the updated pdf is sent out you’ll get an email notifying you that the file has been updated.

Buy Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom

Gardner’s Apprentice

Hopefully releasing this weekend, Gardners Apprentice is our first product acting as a true publisher!

Written by Ray Rivera, and designed for the Monte Cooks Numenera RPG, we’re excited to have this adventure stand alongside our other Numenera and Cypher System Products.

A religious crisis in the capital city of Quendazaem threatens to end the ruling order founded upon the veneration of an automaton god.

As rumors circulate of an afflicted god, many see an opportunity to unseat the Church of Noromethreon as the dominant religion of the city.

While the church and the dwindling faithful continue to wait for their god to reawaken, two desperate priests can wait no longer and secretly devise a blasphemous plan to resurrect their god.

Working outside the tenets of their religion, the priests have set into motion events which will either provide the church’s salvation or its damnation.

All the general layout is done and I’m just waiting for image placement locations to finish the book up.

The adventure will be available in both PDF and Print on Demand (which will release later than the PDF).


Thank you for all your support,

and stay tuned for our next newsletter



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