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Newsletter #6: Metal Weave May

The May Check-in

Hey All!

Alright, last month has been a busy one full of printing and layout, so lets get this started!

New Email

To start off, we’ve migrating our emails to , makes us a little more official and its not that expensive of a migration ($5/mo via google, and we were able to move everything from

Simply put, we have new emails but if you use our old one, they get automatically forwarded to the right ones. :)

Roleplay Cafe

The platform has expanded and is looking better than ever. In addition, over the past weeks I’ve added quite a few more publishers and products for people to engage with. All we’re looking for now is you to join in and help build our own community.

Whats Roleplay Cafe? its a new social media platform that we built. Think Facebook meets DRPG, but with more attention to creating spaces for creators of all kinds.

Note: SSL certification is in the works. In addition we expect the beginnings of the storefront (the buy button actually allowing you to buy product on the platform) to start kicking in around next 1-2 months.

Join the Community

Finally!! All files are with the printer and things are moving. This has honestly been the biggest print job we’ve done to date and it encapsulates three different Kickstarter projects, from Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom, Atlas Animalia, the Atlas Beast Deck, and the Baby Bestiary Reprint (1, 2 and the collectors edition). Just a ton of things that have kept me really busy on the little details.

If you’re looking to get your hands on any of the products getting printed (with exception to the beast deck, still need to make a commercial price for it) we have a Backerkit pre-order store open for you to get in with the backer shipments.

Other News

Embers PDF Release

Its almost been two years since we launched our the Embers Kickstarter and wow its been a long journey.

I’m glad to say the book is finally done and work on the statbooks is in order.

If you’re looking for something that will make your players think Dark Souls, I highly recommend checking it out.

French Baby Bestiary

The time has come and our friends at Black Book Editions is crowdfunding the French translation of the Baby Bestiary.

Both volumes will be compressed into a single book (using the volume 1 cover) and have a slipcase using the volume 2 cover.

Owlbear Casts

Thanks to our Baby Bestiary Reprint Kickstarter we finally have the contacts to make some amazing owlbear minis, and the result so far has been amazing. You can get these as part of the production pre-order link above.

If you’re wondering what the mystery beast is (you didn’t hear it from me, but it’s a phase kitten)

Atlas Creature Deck Design

I’m really proud how the design for this came out and just put it here to show off how cool it is. Thank you Sarah Dahlinger for the amazing work to make these awesome pins.

Whats Next?

So, first off we still have to ship you your books. Secondly is getting the stat books done and out, we are working on these for both Atlas and Embers.

In terms of future projects we surveyed you guys last moth to see what you’d be interested in, and it appears the Culture Guide came out in front.

That said, I havent started any work on it as I may have landed an awesome video game IP license to convert into a tabletop setting (end of June/early July I hope to have a concrete announcement, but you never know with these kinds of things.)

So for the moment I’m focusing on getting all our current obligations out, while waiting to see what my near future holds.

In the realm of the Baby Bestiary, I think our next project will be a children’s book (we actually have 2 slated out),

GDPR - Your Data Update

I know you’re probably sick of seeing all of the GDPR privacy policy update emails. I just wanted to let you know that your data that I acquire, either from Kickstarters and Backerkit are only used to understand our backer population distribution. In no way do we sell or share our data with anyone else unless its necessary to get you your rewards (like your email with Backerkit for pre-orders, DTRPG to send you your comp copies or to our warehouse/producers to ship you your books).

In Roleplay Cafe, we monitor your usage of the platform and any personal information you place there is voluntary, if used I would also assume to better understand the population. In Roleplay Cafe we also don’t share your personal information, but to specifically call out, if you choose to log in to Roleplay Cafe using Facebook, we do not collect any of your Facebook data, as it’s only used finish your user profile (all fields editable) and be used as a login authorization.

I value your data, privacy and security as much as I value my own, and I will do everything in my power to respect (and protect) the information that is shared with me.


Thank you for all your support and stay tuned for our next newsletter,



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