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Newsletter #7: ENnie voting, fulfillment & GenCon

Preparation for the ENnies, GenCon and Fulfillment

Hey everyone!

I am trying to stay on top of these monthly updates, but some months are far more productive and newsworthy than others.

Having recently got back from vacation and with a number of Kickstarter rewards to finish up and fulfill, this month has been relatively quiet(well…I had one licensing meeting, but I can’t talk details just yet).

Anyways, all our inventory is coming in, backer rewards are starting to go out and convention season is here, as GenCon looms upon us.

If you are going to Gen Con, either to pick up your books, get a signature or just to say hi, you’ll find me at the Indie Game Developer Network, booth (#2545) where we have our own table. Also to note, like last year, we will have free Baby Bestiary pins for anyone to pick up.

Last Chance to vote

Atlas Animalia has been nominated for an ENnie for Best Interior art. All the credit really goes to Sarah Dahlinger, the artist, for all her awesome work.

As you may know, once you’ve been nominated, the winners are selected by a public voting process. We’re up against some industry giants but we’ve made it in the past and I’m certain we can do it again, but we need your vote.

No registration is required, and voting closes at 11 PM EST on July 21st.. So only two days left to support your favorite creators and products.

How to vote:

go to

  • Find Best Interior Art
  • and vote for Atlas Animalia
  • (just a note, 1 is the highest vote, 5 is the lowest and you don’t have to vote for all listings)

Project Status

Atlas Animalia

Shipping to backers has started based on in fulfillable items.

Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom

Just finishing production and is in freight to the warehouse.

Baby Bestiary Reprint

Currently en-route to the warehouse, waiting to confirm the estimated arrival date.

Baby Beast Minis

Waiting to review production tests and yes that’s a phase kitten mini :)

In other news

Russ Charles (a modeler) and April Prime (an artist), both of which we have used in our projects, teamed together to do an amazing Kickstarter. Making awesome models and stats for playable dog characters in D&D.

Its amazing work and I cannot recommend their work enough.

Check out their Kickstarter

Amazon Brand Store

Thanks to our trademark we’re able to make a Baby Bestiary amazon page (still working on it for Metal Weave Games). This allows us to manage and curate all of our products into one place. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding art-prints, shirts and other official merchandise. Since we don’t have book inventory yet, it isn’t worth advertising just yet, but its in-development.

Note: the Baby Bestiary books listed are not being sold by me, they are from other vendors and won’t have stock until backers have gotten their copies.

Roleplay Cafe

More people are starting to be active in Roleplay Cafe and I’m so glad its starting to come together! If you haven’t checked it out, its a social platform that merges Facebook and DRPG, allowing you to engage with creators, brands and products all in the same space.

Note: SSL certification is in the works. In addition we expect the beginnings of the storefront (the buy button actually allowing you to buy a product on the platform) to start kicking in around next 1-2 months.

Join the community


Thank you for all your support, and stay tuned for our next newsletter.



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