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Newsletter #8: Releases Galore

Releases Galore

2019 Calendar

The time has come, and the Baby Bestiary Calendar is cuter than ever! This year, illustrated by artist April Prime, we’re bringing the cute like never before!

The project is already funded and closes soon!

October 13 9am PST to be precise.

Get your 2019 Calendar

Updates from the Desk

Over the past two months things have been really hecktic but have finally come to settle down. I’ve moved across the country and am now back home in California, but a new resident of Los Angeles.

As I continue my job search, I have been fortunate enough to look at publishing full-time in the mean-time, which means I should be able to get more content out to you faster.

Kickstarter Update

For all our current outstanding fulfillment, a majority of US has been fulfilled. Those who are waiting on the Atlas Decks or Embers should be going out this week to arrive at your doorstep.

If you are outside the Americas, I am waiting to hear confirmation from the fulfillment center that all the product has arrived so we can begin international fulfillment

The only exception to all of these is the Baby Bestiary minis which are still on their way in.

Future Projects

These are in no particular order.

  • I’m really excited about this but I can’t talk about it yet. All I can say is that I may be getting a license to use a popular indie IP for tabletop
  • The Culture Book: A box set consisting of a number of soft cover books, one for each race covering their complete diversity, cultures, clothing, foods, gods and traditions.
  • Atlas Animalia 2: because we’ve made a trend of doing things in 2s :)

New DTRPG Releases

Youtube Intro

For quite some time, I’ve been really inspired by a number of youtube content creators, and now that I am working as a publisher full-time. I want to try my hand at making a few videos and getting that infrastructure set up.

So to start off, last night I made a youtube intro to the channel. It’s probably to long but it was still fun to make.

Check out our Youtube Channel

More of April’s art from the 2019 Calendar

And during our road trip across the country, we took pictures of our little owlbear mini as we went, on what I called #OwlbearRoadtrip

You can find all the pictures over at the Baby Bestairy Instagram page


And as always, thank you for your energy and support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



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