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Newsletter #9: A new year begins

A new year begins

Hey Everyone!

I know I’m a bit overdue for sending out a newsletter but just to recap 2018 has been quite a crazy year. So far we’ve released both Atlas Animalia and Embers and are almost finished fulfilling them (EU they’re coming!!). We also saw the release the adorable Baby Beast 5e Companion and the Caretaker Warlock, both of which were well-received and have already medals on DTRPG. Nevertheless, it’s really nice to start closing out projects and begin eying the future of our projects.

Your support has meant a lot to us and I just want to say thank you for the amazing support and patience that you have provided me.

For 2019, I think we’re especially well poised to have an exciting year. Take a look below and see what’s going on. :)


For the past five years, I’ve always designed and managed the Metal Weave Games webpage using Adobe Muse (a visual web-designer). Since Adobe announced that they’ll discontinue support of Muse, I decided it was time to get a professional to make me a website. Now’ve we’ve got our own beautiful website :)

eStore Launch

With a new website, we felt it was also time to remake it. Now you are able to purchase our calendars, books, pdfs, and art prints!

If you already own some of our products and want a copy on our system. Just send us an email with proof of ownership and we’ll credit you those products on our side!

Also to thank you for being a subscriber! If you use the discount code “SpecialSubscriber”. All PDFs will be 35% off. This discount will last until Friday (Feb 1st) and can only be used once per customer.


I know this is the primary hold-up on Embers and Atlas and they are in the works. In addition, we are experimenting with a new interactive PDF style, although it’s a little more work. We think this will make it much easier for those who use PDFs to navigate.

Once the 5e statbooks are done, SODTL, 13th Age, and Pathdinder will be the next in line for development.

These will all share the same art and similar graphic style.

Upcoming Projects

Launches Tuesday


This was originally intended to be a short release however, we fell in love with the concept so much that we really wanted to do the project justice. So, prior to our big launches of the year, Awakened will be a short ~60 page softcover book (so it can easily be printed and fulfilled) that will be Kickstarting this Tuesday (Jan 29th).

In it, you will discover new player options and detailed creature NPCs and companions who are all awakened creatures, living lives in a magical world to interact with your adventurers.

Although the project launches on Tuesday, you can go to the Kickstarter preview page to get notified when it launches!

KS Project Preview

Unannounced Project

I wish I could say more, but I’m super, super excited! When the time comes, you’ll be the first ones to know!

And Finally…

After 2 years of development and numerous prototypes, I finally have an owlbear plush that we’re really happy with. We just received it on Friday, and now begins the process of getting quotes from manufacturers and figuring out what logistics looks like for a plush project. We won’t share the image publicly until we have the Kickstarter date locked down. And we’ll be sure to let you guys know when that is.


Because you are subscribers I really want to take a moment to listen any questions, thoughts, or feedback that you may have. I appreciate your support and enthusiasm and I couldn’t have gotten here unless it was with you. Thank you.


Thank you and stay awesome everyone!



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