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Newsletter #10 A Much Needed and Long Awaited Update

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Hey Delvers, Drifters and Beastmasters,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update, buy my life has been pretty chaotic. Nevertheless, things have finally settled and its time to whip this company into something more consistent across everything, communication, updates, and releases.

This partially just growing pains. Before, when I was doing one project at a time, it was easy to track things in my head, but now some things are just getting put to the wayside and I forget to follow up with them, leaving them forgotten for awhile. Thusly I am implementing some project management controls, allowing me to stay on top of all of our projects and contractors, with markers allowing me to do follow-ups as necessary.

A quick apology for how long this email is, it looks like Gmail will clip this email, but I’ll make sure my newsletters aren’t as long in the future.

Hope you’re all doing well and thank you for the support. Now that that’s through, let’s dive into all the goodness that we’re working on and have confirmed!

The Big Announcement

Official Hyper Light Drifter: TTRPG

Launching September 10th

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The biggest piece of news that I want to share with you all is that I will be making the official Hyper Light Drifter Tabletop Role-Playing Game!!

If you haven’t played Hyper Light Drifter, it’s an amazing and well-loved indie game, known for its pixel-art style, its nebulous lore, and quick combat. If you want to check it out you can get it on almost any console PC / Switch / PS4 / XBOX / iOS

The contract came through a few months ago, after more than a year of communications and negotiations with Heart Machine, and although it came a few months before GenCon I was able to create a playable demo to playtest at the convention, which led to some great feedback!

I’ll be posting more about the system, some of the beautiful art in an upcoming newsletter (slated for 92), as we plan on launching the Kickstarter on September 10th.

You can watch the trailer of the video game, below, to get a sense of the art style and setting we’re looking to create.

Project Updates

Progress Update Statbooks

This part is keeping me honest, there are a total of ten stat-books that are in the works between Atlas Animalia and Embers. With the new project management controls, I’ve put in place, there is now a designer assigned to each of the remaining supplements and reminders to ensure that these get done and released in a timely manner.

The next stat books that should be dropping the soonest will likely be Cypher and Fate Core.

Owlbear Plushes

We brought the owlbear plush prototype to GenCon and it was a hit, given our new production schedule, especially with Drifter in the works and Awakened just finishing up, we’ve pushed out the Kickstarter for the plushes to February 2020.

2020 Baby Bestiary Calendar

With Hyper Light Drifter taking a big chunk of our schedule, we’re going to likely launch the Calendar Kickstarter a little later than we’d like, in October.

This year’s artist will be the amazing Nakano Art, which has done so many other amazing and adorable pieces for us. Such as illustrating the Baby Beast Companion, the Caretaker Warlock and all of our GenCon pins!

Storefront Highlights

Digital Storefront

As many of you know, earlier this year we’ve launched our storefront Here, you can grab print and digital products of everything we’ve created.

If you have copies of our Print or PDF products that you don’t have on your Metal Weave Games store account, reply with what you’re missing and I’ll get those into your account.

New Store Additions

We’re putting in a lot of effort to build out and improve our Estore. The newest feature we’ve added is a downloads tab so that you have a place to find your PDFs.

    **Print 5e Baby Beast Companion**

If you’ve been wanting to add an adorable little beast companion to your 5e campaign, we finally have this supplement available in softcover print.

    Check it out [here](


We love the light-hearted nature of Ryuutama, and as an effort to expand our store, we wanted to carry other amazing products that would fit with our products. Ryuutama is the first of this expansion.

    Check it out [here](

    **Baby Bestiary Minis!**

Part of our first experimental production of minis, we have a few hundred adorable little pewter owlbears and phase kittens that can be yours to bring home.

    Check it out [here](

    **Art Prints**

We’re slowly expanding our art print selection, especially from the Baby Bestiary. So much cute stuff in there that works great for your gaming room wall or to geek out your office! If there is a creature you want that’s not available yet as a print, just let us know!

    Check it out [here](