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POLYHEDRAL is an interview book, wherein the interviewer has spoken to different people who work in the Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG) industry. Whether they have made their own independent system or made supplements to existing ones, work primarily as a freelancer or own their own company, all people interviewed have been given time to talk about themselves, their story and their work.

Inside the pages of POLYHEDRAL you'll find passion, camaraderie, troubles, hardship, and joy in what each designer shares. Within these pages you'll find conversations — between one creator to another — where the person behind the books and projects that so many have come to love, adore, and use are given the focus so that they may talk about themselves and the context of their work. These conversations are transcribed into text, and done so in a way to preserve the tone and spirit that each person brings. In the words presented in this book, it is hoped that you will see an image of their soul.