Awakened Print Proofs

by Andreas Walters on July 04, 2020

Hey Awakened!!

After a few back and forths with the printer print proofs have finally arrived! Being the first time working with this group, they wanted to make sure they could replicate the same quality as the Baby Bestiary books, and so things took a bit longer than I had expected. In addition, they were very very thorough, ensuring that everything was aligned and looked right. Which from our last experience with a specific printer (no longer in the industry) it’s really nice to see.

For the first image, its the cover spread (with full-edge bleed).  With the package, they provided a book blank as well (hardcover with all the pages, but just white/unprinted) so I could align everything to see how it would look, though kinda hard to take a good picture without cutting the cover-up). Also, the book blank comes out to the same size as the Baby Bestiary Volume 1 & 2. which is a perfect size for this companion ^^.


Awakened is a 5th edition supplement that explores characters who have been Awakened, a 5th level spell that grants creatures sentience and the ability to speak. The features 40 unique characters and provides character options to create your own awakened character.

The PDF is already available, and you can pre-order the hardcover here!