Save Versus Cuteness

Create smiles all around and spark joy in the most baron of evil hearts with these baby beasties. Nothing short of legendary resistance can save you from their charms, and they’re just begging for your attention!

If your home game (or just your home) is looking for a dose of the adorable, then look no further than the Baby Bestiary. With Owlbear Cubs, Phase Kitties, Flying Puppers and more, bring them all home in print, t-shirt, mug or mini form. Or take them on your next adventure with our range of RPG supplements.

Big bad evil guys and gals beware, these cuteness levels are off the charts! Check out the range of products below and prepare to go “awww!”

Baby Bestiary (150)

Owlbear Plush


Baby Bestiary: Beast Companion (5e)


Baby Bestiary Handbook Volume 1


2022: Baby Bestiary Calendar


Baby Bestiary: Caretaker Warlock (5e)


Baby Bestiary Handbook Volume 2


2023: Baby Bestiary Calendar


2021: Baby Bestiary Calendar


2020: Baby Bestiary Calendar


Yarn Phase Kitten Pewter Mini


Baby Bestiary Handbook: Wallpapers


Pumpkin Owlbear Pewter Mini


Mini: Owlbear Plush


Owlbear Plush Sticker


Bag of Owlbear Inclusions (10mm)


Pin Pack (x3): Owlbears