Introducing Shiny Math Rocks!

by Andreas Walters on May 05, 2021

As we expand our ventures into all things tabletop, we've taken the recent dive into exploring the world of dice and dice accessories, and we're super excited to announce our first set of dice and hex-dice chests!

We've only created a limited quantity of each, just to test the waters and see what people think, but we hope you love them all!

MWG Hex Dice Chest

Hex Dice Chest 

Created from iconic red sandal wood, and engraved with our iconic emblem, this dice chest can hold seven of your favorite die (shaped for 25mm). 



Hearth's Fire Dice

Given life from the warm protective cooking fires of Dragon Stew, these dice aid with magic created from the hearth. 



Stone Magic

Inspired by the cover of the Baby Bestiary Volume 2, where a teen gargoyle is utilizing magic, familiar of those who are close to the earth.  



 Eldritch Blast Dice

A warlocks favorite. These shards form when there is a binding of edritch pacts and rituals. A wizard would find these remanents very peculiar, and in need of more research. 



Hoards Glory Dice

Some visions of treasure become so great that they can be solidified by dragons into small gemstones. When crushed the bearer gets flooded with visions of glory, gold, and greatness.  


Thats the dice for now, and we hope to bring in more dice and more dice chests soon!!!  One last thing to note is that we got the dice chests and dice from different creators. And unfortunatly, the sharp-edge dice don't actually fit inside the dice chest, this is because the sharp edges actually make them slightly bigger than the 25mm dice that the chest was designed to fit. We hope to fix this with future designs. 

We hope you enjoy the dice and we'll be posting more pictures of them soon!