Investing in Live Play

by Andreas Walters on January 02, 2021
A title card labeled "Investing in Live Plays"

As a company we have spent a lot of time building up our content and games. However, as we look forward towards 2021, we want to grow our presence in the TTRPG space as we still feel like we are relatively unknown. 

So, as we bring in the new year, we're going to make a concerted effort towards supporting Live Play (also known as Actual Play) games, streams, podcasts. And we will likely launch Kickstarter campaign(s) to help fund and sponsor these efforts.  

In addition, we will create streamer kits, containing art assets and resources for those who want to take their games online (as you will see what we're doing with Drifter). If you do run any games, feel free to reach out and share them with us, so we can showcase it in our Community Showcase

We look forward in what's to come in the future. And if you belog to a live play group or podcast thats looking to bring in the new year with any of our games/content. Feel free to reach out and keep in touch!