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No Way to Make a Living Publishing Agreement

by Andreas Walters on June 10, 2021


Sandy Pug Games is proud to announce we’re working with Metal Weave Games and Andreas Walters on an exciting new project, No Way To Make A Living, an oral history featuring quotes and anecdotes from 50 community members, sharing their special memories, favourite games, and personal testimonies to the power of this artform we all love so very much. We’re super hyped to create this snapshot of our scene in the midst of a golden era and share it with you all.

No Way To Make A Living is being developed by Sandy Pug Games, and is being published by Metal Weave Games.

"I’m incredibly excited to work with Andreas and the Metal Weave team on this project, with their support I know we’re going to create something truly special, that can act as a time capsule of an incredibly exciting time in our artforms history."
Sandy Pug Games

Metal Weave Games

Indie tabletop games developer and publisher, known for their award-winning inspirational and evocative titles from the Baby Bestiary handbook, Atlas Animalia, to the Hyper Light Drifter Tabletop RPG.
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Sandy Pug Games

Sandy Pug Games is a games design collective responsible for heinous acts of artificial realities. Nem is a founding member, and the author of Monster Care Squad, as well as many good tweets.
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