Owlbear Plush Lauches

by Andreas Walters on January 20, 2021

Its been a long four years in the making, but we're super excited to finally launch the Owlbear Plush on Kickstarter!! 

When we first launched the Baby Bestiary back in 2016, not only were we blown away the support we had recieved, which led to the Baby Bestairy being our flagship brand. But we immediately we that we wanted to expand into plushes and make the adorable world of the Baby Bestiary a reality! Little did we know that getting to this point would be quite the journey, but we're excited to be finally here!

Our results were interesting, to say the least, and we struggled for quite some time to find a design that we liked. Normally, we would show an artist concept art and we could trust them to go from there with minimal feedback. However,  when we provided our concept art to plush makers, they all went to for the traditional stuffed bear look, and despite our best efforts for feedback, we couldn't quite put our finger on what a 'good' owlbear design would look like for us. 

Early Prototypes
Early Prototypes
Finally, while visiting LA's Little Tokyo Historic District, and browsing the plush shops, I was hit with the realization that our owlbear needed to be more abstracted. So immediately I had one of our artists draw up a concept (shown below, and illustrated by Vincent Yau), which we immediately fell in love with and used as the direction for the owlbear plush (and as a steering guide for future plush designs).  
Official Owlbear Plush Concept Art
Owlbear Sketch


On the Kickstarter side, we offer three layers of rewards. 
A digital tier (at only $5) which gives you access to all owlbear-focused digital content we're creating, which so far include: 

  • Owlbear Artbook
  • Artbook expansion x3 Artists
  • Short D&D 5e Adventure.
  • Owlbear Wallpaper Design
  • Ryuutama Journey
  • And more to unlock!

The physical Owlbear tier ($35), which gives you access to the digital goodies and the adorable owlbear to join you on your adventures. 

Then, the Deluxe Owlbear tier ($60), which not only gives you the owlbear and the goodies, but all unlocked physical stretch goals. So far we've unlocked the Collectors Box for the plush, and we're closing in on the first accessory for the owlbear (which the backers will vote and decide).  

Anyways, we hope you love the owlbear plush as much as we do, and we would love to see your support on the project.

Stay well caretakers,


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