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Embers 50% Sale celebrating Elden Ring!

by Andreas Walters on March 27, 2022

These past few months have been an amazing time for video games! And we've been enjoying the heck out of Elden Ring. Games such as these help provide us with inspiration: to build new worlds, create interesting mechanics, and unique adversaries that we can use in our own designs and games. 

The Soulsike games were as huge inspiration to our development of Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (especially Dark Souls 2), and we wanted to pass on our love of the game and the series to you.

Embers, is a systemless setting, a Kingdom trapped in an eternal curse of summer. The book sets up a core mythology and history, then establishes all of the characters and their motivations so that when you're roleplaying these unique individuals you can properly protray them and their goals (something a bit more difficult in a only-combat video game). However players can act as they choose, helping some NPCs and taking down others. 

With our excitment for Elden Ring, we've made Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom avaliable at a 50% discount! (for both print and PDF) until the end of April. 


Check out Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom

We hope you enjoy this intrepretation of the soulsian world, and we can't wait to show off some ideas we've been tinkering on while playing Elden Ring.


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