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Spring Awakening

by Andreas Walters on May 08, 2021

Spring is here, and we're super excited to announce our Spring Sale! 

As a play on words we'll focus on Awakened and the characters that come from it. So For the entire month of May we'll have discounts on both Awakened and the Non-Player Compendium, so you can create new and improved characters for the new season of 2021.

Awakened is a 5th edition supplmenet that provides you with a deep dive into the 5th-level spell, Awakened, that grants creatures and plants sentience, wisdom, and intelligence. In the book, we provide you with character options for your characters and we provide over 40 unique awakened characters and their stories for you to use and explore. 

Non-Player Compendium, born from the Non-Player Cards, is an inspirational generator provides you with a series of 8 detailed lists featuring: Names, Professions, Reltionships, Personalities, Traits, Quirks, Goals, and Secrets. They can be combined or used as-needed to help you build out your characters and NPCs making you do less work as a GM and making every character just a bit more memorable. 

Finally we're also giving free shipping to all orders over $50 if they use the discount code SpringAwakening, usable once per customer. 

The sale ends May 31st at midnight PST. 


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