DIESEL Quickstart

DIESEL Quickstart

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DIESEL is a high-octane game of cinematic action, wrapped around an emotional core. Inspired by pop culture such as Mad Max and Firefly, DIESEL creates unique, badass characters and creates an unforgettable, edge-of-your-seat adventure for them. Each adventure is intended to be a short campaign: 2-5 sessions, including one session of communal character creation. 

DIESEL is set in Edge, a wild west-meets-cyberpunk setting at the end of reality itself. Here, impossible things become real—like Diesels, humans modified to run on biofuel. But the heartless Possibilitus Corporation has a stranglehold over Edge and its wondrous resources. Many people suffer beneath the corporate boot, but others live free on the open road, scavenging for materials to keep their machine parts in repair. The options are limitless: will you be an outlaw pulling off the interdimensional heist of a lifetime? A corporate enforcer protecting people from creatures beyond reason? A friendly mechanic simply out to make a mostly-honest living? In Edge, you can be anyone you want to be.

Using the unique DIESEL Engine, you can mix and match mods to create your perfect DIESEL. Our system is designed to encourage players to attempt anything, and for Game Masters the flexibility to let it happen. This is a game designed for cranking up the electric guitar, sliding across the hood of your rusty rocket-powered car, and ramping over an explosion. DIESEL plays like an action movie, with a strong emphasis on Rule of Cool. 

DIESEL is highly flexible, providing rules and setting primarily as framework for your story. There is no need to memorize mountains of lore; the players define the game world as much as this book does. Whether you’re new to tabletop gaming or just looking for a break in between your hundred-session D&D games, DIESEL has you covered!

For more information, see the creator’s website at www.RunsOnDIESEL.com