Fantastic Creatures & Forgotten Kingdoms

Your next adventure begins here! Whether you’re looking to enhance your current game with the addition of incredibly cute, or incredibly unique creatures – or looking to start a whole new quest in a forgotten and forlorn kingdom – we have the tomes for you.

The Baby Bestiary and Atlas Animalia introduces your players to a world of possibility, with new and exciting variations on creatures they know and love. Raise them for battle or as loving companions! These books are designed to be dropped into any TTRPG system and are sure to surprise those players who think they’ve seen it all.

If cute and cuddly isn’t quite your thing, then turn your dark attentions to Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom. A broken land awaits your party, as they find themselves trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth. This setting is inspired by the Dark Souls video game series, and like the other books here – can be seamlessly dropped into any rules system.

Check out the tomes below to start your new adventure!

Lorebooks (1)

Baby Bestiary Handbook Volume 2