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Birth New Possibilities Into Your Tabletop Game With The Baby Bestiary

Birth New Possibilities Into Your Tabletop Game With The Baby Bestiary

Life has a dastardly way of tossing you surprises. Today, it threw me a bloody hydra baby! I’d heard that a band of pompous paladins had slain Harriet the Hydra...
by Jeremy Blum on June 10, 2021
Arcon Publishing Agreement

Arcon Publishing Agreement

We're super excited to announce that we have finalized a publishing agreement for Arcon: City of Neon Daylight, co-created by Kienna Shaw (@KiennaS) and Jason Cutrone (@JustJasonPls), with print copies expected to be available...
by Andreas Walters on June 08, 2021
Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

Spring is here, and we're super excited to announce our Spring Sale!  As a play on words we'll focus on Awakened and the characters that come from it. So For the entire month of...
by Andreas Walters on May 08, 2021

HLD:RPG: Map Style Test

Hello Drifters, We’re hard at work on the setting, and I wanted to just share with you a snippet of the map. This was a style test to see if...
by Andreas Walters on May 30, 2020

Drifter Developer Update

Hey Drifters! So originally wanted to record a video for this update, but it doesn’t seem like I have the proper setup to do videos justice. So we’re going with...
by Andreas Walters on May 03, 2020

Getting Licensed

Since Hyper Light Drifter: The Roleplaying Game is pretty fresh and we’re actively trying to get a lock down on another IP license, I think it would be a good...
by Andreas Walters on March 19, 2020


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