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Fragments (B-Sides) EP

Fragments (B-Sides) EP

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Revisit the world of Hyper Light with b-sides and previously unreleased music, as well as the new song "Verdigris", based on an unused Drifter sketch. Coincides with the release of the Hyper Light Drifter Tabletop RPG.

Tracks include:

  • A Horde of One (03:27)
  • Munici-Pals (03:33)
  • Verdigris (04:09)
  • A Sullen Veil (03:08)
  • A Western Surface (04:16)
  • 377 Second Meditation (06:17)
  • The Last General (piano) (03:14)

Preview the tracks!

A Horde of One
The Last General (piano)