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UMBRA is a science fiction map drawing game that tasks you with the unenviable task of starting a colony on a hostile alien planet. As the game progresses you will dig into the planet's core in search of an ancient weapon known as The Reaper's Gambit but be warned, no matter how dead a planet looks on the surface, there is always something awful lurking underneath.

Inspired by Rimworld, Startopia, and various sci-fi horrors like Alien, The Thing, Predator, but don't worry, for all the horror on display UMBRA lets you take the lead on what your colony will look like and what your story will be.

This core zine has rules for:

  • Creating a sci-fi colony
  • Exploring an alien planet
  • Generating alien artefacts
  • Facing extra-terrestrial horrors in lightweight tactical combat

Like DELVE and RISE, UMBRA will be expanded upon post-release with a mix of free updates and paid expansions. The first of which is the upcoming STATIONS expansion which gives you control of a spacestation and the ability to board alien ships.

Most expansions will be digital only.