Scavengers Expanded

Scavengers Expanded

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This product contains two combined supplements designed for Scavengers RPG.
Mercenaries and Magnates and Richer Runs. Featuring new positions, threats, loot options and even two new campaigns! 

The first campaign is Magpies of War. Instead of being a regular salvager crew, the player characters are active participants in the galactic civil war. But they must beware, if one faction grows to strong, it may defeat the other factions, and put an end to the Randians’ lucrative salvaging business.

The second campaign is Boardroom Salvagers. The PCs are not satisfied with getting rich of their salvaging, they want to be super wealthy. With the conclusion of their initial salvaging careers, the original crew forms a salvaging company, and hire employees to continue their work. 

The second half of the supplement is Richer Runs. This module explores now positions, loot management and things to do with your sweet sweet loot