Twilight Tales

Twilight Tales

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For use with Golden Sky Stories.


After the sun has set,

Other things that live in the town come out.
They are neither human nor animal.

They are called “mononoke.”
Spirits, monsters, ghosts, aliens.
They are strange, mysterious beings.

They can be found anywhere where there are people.
They can be found near you too.
You’ve met them without realizing it.

If you’re careful, and you call out to them,
They’ll answer you, any time.

Twilight Tales is a supplement for Golden Sky Stories. It introduces the mononoke, creatures of mystery who also live in the town. It has five new character types (michinoke, oni, kappa, ghosts, and visitors), each of which can represent a variety of creatures. In these pages you'll also find an introductory comic and four scenarios: Otoshidama's Adventure, A Ghost's Errand, Present Thunder, and Big Dog's Day.

In order to use this book you will also need a copy of Golden Sky Stories.