Ninth World Assassins

Ninth World Assassins

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Ninth World Assassins is the first release of many to come from Knowledge of the Ninth Publishing. This (6x9) 102 page book contains more than just the methods and philosophy of a Ninth World Assassin.

Rather, this book provides much much more than that, including:  

  • The methods and industry of an assassin

  • Clients and their relationship to assassins

  • New character options including unique descriptors & foci

  • Poison your targets using over 30 listed poisons

  • Trick your enemy into more than 20 listed traps

  • Join and advance in a guild using a new guild mechanic

  • More than 10 different ways to utilize your XP

  • New Artifacts and Oddities

  • 5 dangerous creatures & NPCs

  • 14 assassin related campaign hooks

A powerful supplement for both players & GMs to be used in any Numenera campaign!

Legacy Product: This product was created in the early publishing days and may not be of the quality many have expected us to produce.