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Notable Ninth Worlders

Notable Ninth Worlders

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An NPC for all seasons

If the Ninth World is weird, then those that live in it are even weirder. It is impossible to live in such a world, and not be touched by it somehow. A few though, rise above petty matters. They are those who wield the world, instead of being wielded by it.

Who are they? What are their secrets? Find out!

Notable Ninth Worlders includes:

  • A wide variety of NPCs that are readied to use in your campaign. From vicious rivals, informative sources, helpful traders or famous notables. 
  • Advice to how to use the NPC, including suggestions of parts they can play in a campaign and story seeds based on them. 
  • A handy character generator which can help you create unique and weird Ninth Worlds on the spot.

Legacy Product: This product was created in the early publishing days and may not be of the quality many have expected us to produce.